09 March 2012

A day at our house.

I know how much I love reading these on other blogs, just to see how other families structure their day, so I figured I'd do one of my own.  And I'll be perfectly honest about how it usually goes- this isn't the "Ideal Daily Schedule that has Never Actually Happened."  Times vary a bit each day.

8-9am: Wake up, stagger (me) or run (Sydney) out into the living room.  Once I have control over my major motor functions, I cook breakfast while Syd plays or sits at the table.  Then we eat.

9:30ish: I begin to drink a pot of coffee and go online while Syd watches twenty to forty minutes of educational cartoons, depending on how groggy I am and how much time I need to rejoin the human race.  Can you tell I'm not a morning person?  We have the tv off for the rest of the day, but I still feel guilty on the mornings it's closer to forty minutes.  Oh well.

10ish: After Syd has finished absorbing very crucial musical knowledge from Little Einsteins and I have finished absorbing enough caffeine to kill a small horse, we usually ease into our day by doing some reading.  If we are reading a FIAR book, this is when we do it.  We generally spend the morning reading, playing, drawing, and listening to classical music.

1pm: Lunch.  Usually leftovers from dinner the night before.  When you're a family of three, you have lots of leftovers.  Recipes do not scale well to three servings.

2pm: After lunch is when we do our outings.  If we are going to go to the library or a museum, or make a trip to the park, we do it now.  More often we're getting groceries and other mundane tasks.  Also, if we are doing a science project or unit, we do it in this window of time.

3-4pm: We make our way home and I start getting dinner going while Sydney plays and talks to daddy about her day.  If dinner that night is especially labor-intensive and Syd is getting restless, I'll install her at the kitchen table with an art project or have her help me with dinner.

5-6pm: We eat dinner.  After dinner, Sydney helps me pack the hubby's lunch for work the next day.  If I forget to let her help me, she get's extremely irate.

6:30pm: If Syd wants to do a Funnix lesson, we usually do it now.  The hubby and I sit and talk while Sydney plays or reads.  We both read books to Syd, and if she and daddy are going on a walk, they do it now.  I might tidy up or read a book of my own.  If it's Friday, which is when we have our Family Pizza and Movie Night, this is when we start the movie.

8-9pm: Bedtime for the short one.  After she's out, I wander back out to the kitchen and do dishes, clean, and go online, read, or maybe watch a movie with the hubby.

11-Midnight: I usually make it to bed somewhere in this window of time, if I'm not having some kind of OCD-induced freakout.  If I'm stressed about something, it's more like two or three.

And that's our day!  People are sometimes surprised when they hear that we're doing FIAR, a phonics program, and a science program, but as you can see, it doesn't exactly consume our entire day.

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