13 March 2012

Exploring Science: Week Two

Now that the sun has returned and the snow has finally melted, we can resume using Elemental Science's Exploring Science program.  The first week- which we did over a month ago- was about observation.  This week, we're studying natural communities.

First, I introduced the topic and Sydney colored the included picture of a natural community:

Luckily, Sydney remembered everything from week one and was able to explain that observation is, in her words, "looking at everything around you," so I didn't have to re-explain all of that material.

Then it was time for the fun part!  The Science Play book that goes along with the program describes roping off a small circle in your yard to look at, but since insects living in the dirt are somewhat few and far between this time of year, we just went on a nature walk and observed the living things that are a part of the natural community of the area.

We saw a woodpecker.

And Sydney found about a hundred things to carry home.

Even in early spring, Minnesota is beautiful.

We had a great time, and with the temperature hovering around sixty today, we didn't require restorative warm drinks when we got home.  Next week is supposed to be insects, I think, so unless I dig the dead hornets out of the window sill in the kitchen, we may have to put that off for another month or so and just move on to whatever comes after next week.

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