07 March 2012

Our winter mode of transportation.

So the hubby and I share one poor, battered '03 Ford Focus, which works great in the summer because we live right next to a hub of walking trails in the middle of all the important areas of town (grocery store, library, thrift stores, etc.) and he's usually off work by two-thirty anyway.  But in the winter, when the trails are covered in several inches of snow, I have to get a bit more creative.  With dd's low muscle tone, trudging through that is out of the question.  This winter, we found a much more fun way to get around.

Fun for her, I mean.  For me, it's a lot of trudging, panting, and burning calves.  Which is great, if I need to burn off an extra buttermilk pancake from breakfast.

We bought the sled at a hardware store down the road from our house for twenty bucks.  A bit pricey for a plastic sled, but much cheaper than a second car, and it's large enough to hold both Sydney and my gigantic purse-tote.  When we get wherever we're going, we stow the sled in the bike rack.  I haven't had anyone bother it yet, though my mom suggested I should secure it upon arrival with a bike lock.

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