23 March 2012

A trip down the Central Lakes Trail

Now that I've plunked down the money for a decent bike trailer in which to pull Syd, we spend a lot of time traveling via bicycle.

How we get around now

Today, we took a long trip on the Central Lakes Trail.  It was a lovely ride, and biking over twelve miles was a great workout.  My legs are going to hate me in the morning, but for the moment, I'm feeling good.

We stopped in the next town over for lunch.

And we had to stop at the playground across the street.

Syd was strangely color-coordinated with the playground.
It was a gorgeous, sunny day.

Next time we go out on the trail, I'm thinking about having Jeramy meet us somewhere at a set time so that Syd and I can just go as far as we want without having to worry about going all the way back again.

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