20 September 2012

A Week of Five in a Row: Day Four

Alas, today's FIAR has no pictures.  I briefly contemplated taking a picture of myself cutting a banana in half, but it seemed like it would be overkill.

Today's subject was math, and while it was fun teaching Syd about fractions, I found their explanation of how it ties into the book a bit convoluted.  The book said, if I recall correctly, to look at the music notes, explain that they are fractions of one beat, and then explain fractions.  However, I could imagine my daughter's confusion at trying to follow this, so I summed it up as, "If you want to play a musical instrument like Lentil, you'll have to learn about fractions."  Voila.  Simple and concise.

I then explained that with fractions, we are dividing up numbers.  This is where the banana came in.  We talked for a moment about one banana, I cut it in half, and explained that "one-half" is a fraction.  She actually caught on much more quickly than I'd expected, and I later heard her talking about halves when she was playing.

And that's it.  Not our most exciting day this week, but we made progress.
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