13 September 2012

A Week of Five in a Row: Day Two

As I said yesterday, for this week we're doing Five in a Row's Lentil unit.  If you've ever read the book, you know that one thing you have to include in any unit about it is... lemons!

We started out by reading Lentil once again.  We don't always read every book each of the five days, but we usually do at least three or four.  Sydney really gets a kick out of Old Sneep's slurping noises in this one.  To cover the Literature component, we discussed setting, talking about how Lentil is set in Ohio, and if a book was written abou Syd, it would be set in Minnesota.

Then... on to the lemons!

We do have a copy of the FIAR cookbook, and so we decided to try their lemonade recipe.  We got four big lemons from the grocery store and went to work.

First, we had to squeeze out every last bit of juice.  I highly recommend using one of those hand-juicers for this step if you have it, especially if you bite your nails, like I do.  Ouch.  Lemon juice hurts.

It's also really sour, too.  Syd took a bigger bite out of one of our juiced lemons than she should have, and wow, did she demonstrate the lip pucker from the story.

Then we mixed our lemon juice with water and sugar, and voila!  Lemonade!

Syd was very proud of her hard work.  The lemonade had to go in the fridge to chill for half an hour before we could enjoy the finished product, but when we finally got to drink it, it was delicious.

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Marlika said...

Great photos! we are rowing Lentil this week.

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