17 November 2012

Countdown to Thanksgiving

Once again, we're t-minus less than a week to Thanksgiving, which I only noticed yesterday and then promptly freaked out.  (We're also long overdue for an update around here, but let's just move on... *nervous laugh*)

Thanksgiving around here is less "what do we want to eat" and more "what can we all agree on that won't make any of us violently ill."  The hubby, when he does strap on his big-girl-panties and bravely give it a go, has about a fifty-fifty chance that any poultry he has eaten will leave him moaning and incapacitated in front of and/or on the toilet for several hours.  I have the same reaction to any kind of canned cranberry sauce, though with more of a ninety percent chance that I'll be in there.  And believe me, our bathroom is small.  It's not the sort of place that can handle violent illness x 2.

Also, with my oral allergy syndrome and inability to eat something like half the worlds fruit and vegetables unless they've had the heck cooked out of them, I think I've put together a menu that takes into consideration all our food intolerances/quirks/pickiness-for-no-other-reason-than-to-test-my-sanity (I'm looking at you, four-year-old).  Here it is:
  • Honey-Glazed Ham.  Healthy, it's not.  But it is traditional!  And everyone can keep it down, so bonus points there.
  • Mashed Potatoes.  Lots of 'em.
  • Green Bean Casserole.  Though, with the recipe I use, it's really more just green beans mixed with sour cream and topped with crushed ritz.  Paula Deen would be so proud.
  • Cranberry Salad from the Deli.  Can be eaten safely if I nibble on small amounts.
  • Homemade Dinner Rolls.  Quick, easy, and they make me look like a handy kitchen goddess.
  • Pumpkin pie.
  • Blueberry pie.  Yes, I know there's only three of us.  That's why I'm only making two pies, and not three.  Silly.
And that should be plenty to keep us happy and semi-comatose until 8pm rolls around and, also rolling around, we try to decide if we should go out and score some cheap stuff amidst the psychotic, pie-fueled hoards of shoppers.  I miss the days where they'd let you get at least a few hours of sleep before forcing you out into the cold to get a really good deal on a food processor.

Before I sign off, I'd better throw in another quick update.  I am not pregnant yet, though I am diligently plotting on my online fertility calendar.  The hubby has been working more and more hours, which is nice for our bank account, but not so nice for his hands, which have been hurting quite a bit.  And Sydney is still working on her school stuff, which now consists of Jolly Phonics (more on that in a later post) Miquon with c-rods (Also more on that in a later post) and so many read alouds it isn't uncommon for me to be completely hoarse by the end of the day.  And she recently started gymnastics!  She's so excited, and her first class was great.  

I'll be posting my reviews/impressions/methodology for the curricula we've been using in the near future, so check back!  And have a great holiday, too. :)
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