22 February 2012

What we use.

Given that Sydney is just pushing the upper side of three, our curriculum experiments have been rather meager.  We have found a few things that work for us, though.

Funnix  This is the phonics program we've settled on for the moment.  It's all on the computer, but there's no real animation, only pictures and a voice-over.  We had tried 100 EZ Lessons, also known as the-book-that-will-surely-drive-any-child-under-five-to-flee-the-country, and Sydney hated it.  With a passion.  After two lessons.  I then tried Phonics Pathways, but since Syd was fresh off her 100 EZ Lessons trauma, that one didn't take either.  However, the child had known her letters and sounds for longer than she'd been walking competently, so we tried one more program.  Funnix was free and, well, that was pretty much the deciding factor.  Luckily, she loves it.  LOVES it.  She begs for more lessons until I have to put my foot down and tell her, "No, no more phonics today."  (Which makes any parent feel like they should receive a fricking reward.  Don't deny it.) 

Elemental Science: Exploring Science  This one is a nice science program for the preschool set.  We aren't too far into it yet, thanks to a freakish mish-mash of seasons crammed into one month that continually interrupt our plans to go outside and stare at the grass, but I'll add more once we're past week one.

Five in a Row  Meh.  Like many other parents of preschoolers, I use it because it's there and, well, that's about it.  The books are hard to find and the topics are sort of random, but at least you feel like you are doing something beyond sitting on homeschooling forums all day doing "research."

That's about all for now, besides reading more books than I knew existed and skipping off to library storytime once a week.  Plus, if I admit to doing anything more than this, the Waldorf mommies will find out where I live and send me threatening letters and strange child-hats.

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