18 March 2012

Dipping sauce of the gods.

I have a confession to make: my daughter loves french fries.  LOVES them.  She would eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if I would let her, and she would lick the leftover ketchup from her plate when she was finished.  As someone who always swore up and down that my kids will never eat such trash, this is mildly embarassing.

Because Syd is getting increasingly picky with her eating habits as she makes the long journey to four years old, I've tried to find things that she'll actually, you know, eat.  Without bribery.  And sweet potato fries are a definite hit.  We buy the healthy, natural ones from our local health food store and pop them in the oven when we having something like fried fish or homemade burgers.

What makes them so popular?  This.  Right here.  This dipping sauce is insanely good, and it works with almost anything breaded and crunchy.  Here it is.

1 heaping tbsp mayo
1 level tbsp mustard
1 level tbsp honey

And you mix it all together.  At my house, this makes one serving.  Maybe.
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