11 April 2012

Exploring Science: Week Three

This week in our Exploring Science unit, we're learning about insects!

Step one was to make an insect trap.  First, we found a jar that would work:

The jar needs to be big enough so that insects can fall in after your bait (cheese or apple) and not be able to get back out again.  I left the open lid on the jar, figuring the rim around the top would provide an extra layer of bug-catchiness.

Next, bury the jar in the ground so that the top of the jar is level with the earth:

We had to use a large spoon because I couldn't find a trowel.  Luckily, the hole didn't have to be too deep.

Voila!  We used shredded cheese for our bait, but really, you can sprinkle in a bit of any kind of food that you think insects might be attracted to, along with a leaf or two.

Finally, create some kind of low-lying makeshift roof to go over your trap so that rain and small rodents don't plunder your catch.  As you can see in the back of this picture, we propped up a few flat rocks over our trap.

Then the waiting begins!  Check your insect trap every morning, and be sure to let your tiny critters back outside again after you're done examining them.  We haven't caught anything yet- the nights have been getting pretty cold again, so I think the insects are all hiding- but as soon as our trap works, I'll blog all about it.
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Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

What a fun science project! It has been pretty cold that past few nights even in Georgia!

Thanks so much for dropping by my blog!

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