07 April 2012

Quitting Dairy: Day One

Okay, so this might be a gradual tapering off of dairy, as opposed to quitting cold turkey.

I did quite well for most of the day yesterday, not having any milk for breakfast or lunch, where I'd normally have a glass of milk with each.  I didn't have any milk with dinner, but I did have a serving of mashed potatoes, which I make with lots of cream and butter.  Oops.

But I still had much less than normal.  And of course, last night, I ended up with horrible, awful cramps that left me bedridden all evening.  It was probably from the antibiotic I started last night for my sinus infection, but still... sometimes the universe is really freaking mean.

Hopefully today will be better.  I did have a spash of cream in my coffee, but that is non-negotiable.  I must.  Have.  Cream.  In my coffee.  And I must have coffee, or I don't function until three in the afternoon.

Image: Stuart Miles
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