08 April 2012

THINK Global School- I'd Better Start Saving

I just saw a link to this while I was chatting up the regulars at the WTM Forums this morning, and wow, I think I'm in love:

THINK Global School

According to the website:

THINK Global is an innovative high school that offers teenagers a once-in-a-lifetime international experience. THINK Global students don’t simply “study abroad.” They immerse themselves in 12 world cities over 12 trimesters, undertaking a rigorous curriculum delivered by top-notch teachers, experts, and guides. They visit significant historical, cultural, and scientific sites, soaking up the colors, sounds, and flavors of their surroundings.

Of course, as you can probably imagine, the tuition is daunting.  Looks like we're going to have to start saving if we want to have any chance of sending Sydney a decade from now.  Hopefully they're still around by then.

Anyone know of something like this for adults?  I want to do it too!
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Lee Carlton said...

Hi Mergath,

Thanks for the kind words! The tuition is definitely not as daunting as you think. Each child is reviewed independently, and will receive a scholarship based on their parent's needs. Over 90% of our students receive some form of financial aid. You can learn more here: http://thinkglobalschool.org/admissions/tuition-and-financial-aid/

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