04 May 2012

Review: Kaplan Anatomy Coloring Book

As I noted in my last post, one of Sydney's goals for our summer quarter is to study human anatomy.  Not because I'm a sadist and want to force high school level work on my preschooler, but because she's obsessed with it.  I blame the hubby.

One of the resources I acquired to help her is Kaplan's Anatomy Coloring Book.

I thought it was going to be very basic, but wow, was I surprised when it turned out to be extremely detailed and very accurate.  I later learned that med students sometimes use it to help them learn anatomy, so believe me when I say it definitely shows everything in plenty of detail for the average preschooler.

And it isn't just pictures- it has blanks to fill in labeling the various body parts, systems, organs, and everything else that lurks within our bodies.  There are pictures of everything from cells and synapses to full-body diagrams, and the illustrations are extremely well done.

This would be a great resource for an older student studying anatomy and physiology.  When Sydney hits that age, we'll be getting another copy of this to use.
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