03 May 2012

Thrifty Treasures: New China

As I was making my bi-monthly trek around the local thrift store circuit, I scored a cute set of china for only six bucks!

They're quite nice, very light weight but not cheap-feeling at all.  And light years beyond the ugly 70's stoneware I'd been using with gaudy orange and brown flowers all over everything. *shudder*  It's all sitting out in the alley with a sign on the box that says "FREE" if anyone is into that sort of thing.

We tested these for tea party usage, and Syd approves.

I think I'd better go and watch an episode of Hoarders now to steel myself against going back for the other cute set of china I left behind at the thrift store. 
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Bright Sky Mom said...

Hey! I wonder if your 70's casts off would complete my set (hand-me-down from my Grandma) -- I'm down to 4 big plates and 3 little ones, which isn't quite enough for our family. But we supplement with the 2 big black plates & 2 little black plates left from our wedding. Once they're all gone I will have to do some thrift store shopping myself. I really like your set...and your book selection!

Mergath said...

Apparently someone thought they would complete their kitchen, because after I left them out, they disappeared almost immediately! :) If they make an appearance of their own at the thrift store, I'll mail them to you. :D

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