03 May 2012

A Field Trip to the Nursery

One of our favorite places to visit in the spring is the nursery!  There are quite a few here in town, and in the spring with flowers blooming and the trees covered in blossoms, visiting one can be a magical experience.  And don't tiny potted flowers make a great souvenir?

They're also a great place to find butterflies.  During our visit today, the greenhouses were filled with different kinds of butterflies, flitting between the colorful blossoms to drink nectar.  Syd tried to chase a few, but they're faster than they look!

We didn't bring home any plants today- we were looking for a packet of wildflower seeds, and this particular nursery didn't have any in stock- but we did take a lot of pictures.

Sydney wanted to stop and smell every flower we passed.  Which, as you can imagine, was a lot.

The best part of this particular nursery is the large koi pond they have in one of the rooms.  Sydney was amazed at the giant goldfish.  She'd jump every time one would splash her.

That random guy walking behind the pond is the hubby.  He likes plants, so dragging him along wasn't too difficult.

We still need our seed packet, so tomorrow might see yet another nursery and more pictures.
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