02 May 2012

Where We Homeschool: A Tour

Many families that live in the luxurious confines of a palatial manse wonder how those of us with homes under a thousand square feet can possibly homeschool our children.  And so, to demonstrate that it is possible, I've put together a short photo tour of the spaces within our home that we use to homeschool.

Of course, it helps that we only have one child.  If we were up into the double digits, we probably would have some space issues.

First up is the living room.  We divide up our time homeschooling (indoors, anyway) pretty evenly between the living room and the kitchen.  Syd likes to work at the coffee table, because it's just the right height for her to sit up to with her little stool.

You can see my matronly blue rocking chair and Syd's perpetually overflowing toy bin in the background, along with a small bookcase hidden away in the corner.  The photography on the wall was taken by the hubby.

Our main living room bookcases are right out in the open:

This is directly across from the couch/chair area, and it holds books.  Lots and lots of books.  As well as Syd's small math center, where we keep her manipulatives.

To the left of this is my printing area.

You can see my Brother laser printer neatly tucked away on the side table, as well as our tv in its natural state (off).  This is where I kick back in my cozy recliner and do all of my homeschool planning and printing after Syd has gone to bed for the evening.

Next up is the kitchen.  I do a lot of baking and cooking from scratch, so we end up in here quite a bit.  Syd does all of her messy projects at the table.

She still needs to use a booster seat because the table is quite tall and she is, well, not.  You can see the stickable whiteboard up on the wall with our daily checklist and a piece of Syd's artwork, as well as my very unorganized pantry shelves.

It's not technically part of our homeschooling space, but the above is where I spend a lot of my time in the kitchen.  Note the messy counters and dishes in the sink.  The oven and fridge are directly across from this space.

Finally, I constructed an art line in the other corner of the kitchen to hang any of Sydney's artwork that needs to dry and/or be shown off.

Also known as "the most important place in the world" due to the presence of the coffee pot.  You can see my cookbooks stored under the microwave, and the hook where I hang my ever-growing collection of reusable grocery bags.  Sydney has a little desk you can see part of in the lower right corner, but she prefers to sit at the table\ most of the time.

And that's it.  We do have two bedrooms and a bathroom as well, but since we don't exactly do much homeschooling in them, they aren't included on the tour.  Plus, they're messy.
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