24 June 2012

Sorry it's been so long. I was busy being crafty.

As the spring days lengthen into a hot, muggy summer, we don't get much learnin' done ;) and instead find other ways to occupy our time as we sit and listen to the poor, overworked air conditioner cough and sputter.  Because, when it's ninety degrees inside your house, it's just too hot to worry about phonics. 

I've been doing a lot of crafting lately.  I bought Sydney a Nifty Knitter circular loom, something I've been reading about in some Waldorf books I have on hand, and quickly found that I have as much fun with it as she does!  It makes adorable hats very quickly, and as an added bonus it really helps you understand the inner workings of knitting, much more so than using the standard needles.

I'm still experimenting, but Syd loves the first couple hats I've cranked out for her.

I've continued to work on my sewing, too, and so far have made some reversible placemats for the dining room table:

and another skirt for Syd, for which she picked the fabric:

The sewing isn't as cost effective as the knitting, but it has the bonus of instant gratification.  My next project is going to be a red riding hood for her dress up chest, lined with red satin.  I'm also going to make a doctor's coat for her, because she'd spend all day taking care of her stuffed animals and dolls with her doctor's kit if she could.

Soon I'll post about the handful of academic activities we've done, but first, I have chicken Marsala that just isn't going to cook itself.
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