14 August 2012

Our 2012-13 Curriculum

Well, I think I finally nailed down what we're going to use this year.  It's Syd's K4 year, her first official homeschooling, and we're going to have so much fun that I can't wait for September to finally roll around!  I've already posted our reading list for the year (subject to additions at any time) and now I'll share our actual curriculum choices.

  • Phonics Pathways.  I really like this phonics book because it has just enough fun stuff to keep Syd entertained, but not so much that it becomes distracting.  I mix it up a little by writing some lessons on the white board and letting her read some out of the book.
  • Bob Books.  If you haven't heard of the Bob Books yet, you're missing out!  They're sets of leveled readers with simple black and white illustrations, and are perfect for kids that are just beginning to blend.  Syd can now read through most of the first level books, so it looks like we'll be moving up to set two soon.
  • MEP Reception.  Syd really likes this one, and I like that it teaches mathematical thinking and all those mathy things that I, as a former English major, really don't get.
  • Saxon K Math with manipulatives.  Don't worry, we're not really using two full math curricula.  We purchased Saxon K last year, and while it's fun and perfect for a four-year-old, using it as written wasn't working for us.  So we're only going to use it for the parts Syd enjoys, like the pattern blocks, learning to tell time, and learning about money.
  • Evan Moor Daily Handwriting Practice.  We'll be using this very lightly.  Syd has been scribbling letters on every flat surface in the house, and I want to start the very basics with her before she begins to develop any poor writing habits.
  • The Earth (G&T).  This year, we're going to combine history and science and do our own prehistory unit.  First we're going to learn about how the Earth was formed and basic geology with this nifty book.  Then we'll move on to prehistoric creatures, including every kid's favorite, dinosaurs.
And that should do it.  It looks like a lot when it's all written out, but based on how we've been going so far, we'll be done in under an hour a day.  Of course, I'll have it all set up each day in our fancy new workboxes.  We'll also take periodic trips to see performances at the local theater, and road trips to Minneapolis to get our fine arts fix at one of the museums.

Squee!  I'm so excited.  I really think I might actually be the biggest nerd ever.
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