05 August 2012


My big investment for the coming K4 school year is- you guessed it- workboxes!

Well, it wasn't really that big of an investment.  I picked up this shelf set today at Walmart for a little over thirty bucks.  I looked online and this exact set retails in other stores for anywhere from $60 to $80, so I'm quite happy with them.  One of the orange drawers is a bit wonky, but otherwise they work well.

No, they aren't hand-carved from milk-fed mahagony trees by the gloved hands of flaxen-haired virgins, but they'll get the job done.  Though I'm sure Rudolph Steiner is rolling in his grave as we speak.

I plan to place one lesson or activity in each drawer and have Syd work her way down from the top.  Later on, when our school days get a lot more complicated, I may institute some sort of numbering system.

The rainbow coloring is nice.  It makes the school corner of my kitchen look bright and cheery, without crossing the line into being gaudy.  And Sydney loves them, too.  She's been rearranging her toys in the various drawers all evening.  I have no idea how I'm going to keep her out of them each day before she's done all her activities.

Anyway, I'll let you know how it goes once we've been using them for awhile.  Right now, I'm really excited.
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