26 November 2012

Christmas at the Fort

As we all recover from Black Friday (and yes, I did pick up a lovely porcelain-enameled cast iron Dutch oven, thank you for asking) it's also time to start easing our way into a month of Rudolph, Santa, spiced cider, and obnoxious parents willing to take you out if you happen to be standing between them and a display of the new revamped Furbys.

We got our month-long holiday season off to a more gentle start by attending Christmas at the Fort, a short pre-Christmas celebration at the local history museum.

After the excitement of Santa's arrival down our town's version of main street atop a hay cart pulled by a really stunning pair of black horses, Syd and I were the first ones in line for a hayride.  It was cold- I think the temperature was somewhere around ten degrees with the windchill- but that didn't stop Syd from having a great time.

I couldn't bear to make her spend half the hayride posing nicely until I could get a normal-looking picture, so this one will have to do.

After the hayride, we wandered around the Fort, drinking hot apple cider and eating popcorn and soft pretzels while checking out the reindeer (yes, they bring in actual reindeer each year) and standing in front of the bonfire.

Then... *drumroll*  It was time for Syd to see Santa!

It, er, didn't go well.

I really thought that Sydney would be okay with Santa this year now that she's four.  And she did okay at first.  I managed to get a picture without any tears or visible terror.

As you can see, she was a little unsure of the big guy.  She didn't get to tell him that she really, really, really wants a pair of ice skates this year, but she did manage to get through it without a major meltdown.  I'll take it.

They have choirs that sing, but by the time we finished with Santa, Syd and the hubby both were all Christmased out for the day, so we finished our food, had a quick warm up inside the museum, and walked home.  All in all, not a bad day.  
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